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November 18, 2010



Amazing shots of some horrible devastation.Im so glad you all escaped unscathed.When I read about horrible natural catastrophes like this it makes me love Arizona even more...even though we live through 6 months of triple digits each least its a dry heat...with no hurricanes...ever!Thanks for linking.This was a really interesting post.A+

Splendid Little Stars

Wow! some amazing shots! glad your family was safe. That must have been very scary. I have weathered out a few bad storms, but never a hurricane.


It is amazing to witness the might and fury of Mother Nature. Im so glad you were lucky.


lucky you,beautiful I take,those images are solid and thoughtful to look at and more.

Bonnie@Creative Decorating

After the storm I searched for pictures of the dike. I was shocked to see what happened to it. Have they decided to rebuild it at all? You just cant fight mother nature. She will win every time.


You were, indeed, very fortunate!


Wow Wow that is some crazy stuff...I see you love Texas, but I am not sure I could deal with that!


Oh goodness! what devastation! Your photos serve as a documentation of what it looked like before but also a reminder of how wonderful the after is!!

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