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May 4, 2011


Jenny Matlock

Oh, she is sooo cute! I remember some of the pictures, but looking at them all together was a real treat!

I can't believe she can swim, though. I thought dachsunds couldn't? Ours sure can't!

Thanks for a delightful stop this week!

I'm still smiling over these adorable pictures!


Susan with Permanent Posies

Those were so dang cute. My daughter has one...and it is her second. I love weiner dogs.

Diane @ BeStillaMinute

She is absolutely adorable!

I am Dachshund obsessed! Have been since 1995. I had a longhaired one, Dixie, for 14 years until she died in 2009. I adopted the two I have now from Dachshund Rescue of North America (DRNA) and they make me smile every single day.

Happy Birthday, Daisy! :)


I LOVE THIS POST!! She is so cute and sweet. We treat our own two dog children just like they were our babies. I can certainly relate!!!


Isn't she darling? Happy Birthday Daisy!
Catherine :)


Awww. Such a cutie!



She's adorable! I had doxie that looked just like that many years ago. Her name was Susie. :)


Oh, I love her! Happy Birthday, Daisy!!

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